The harvest is going exceptionally well and the grapes are excellent!  As expected we are seeing smaller fruit, however the grape clusters are large and we are hearing reports of 2-3 gallons of juice yield per box.

At the present time we have seen nearly all fruit except some of the later-ripening Lanza grapes, Contra Costa region grapes, and a few of the Paso grape.  We expect to see them in very soon, within the next two weeks.  Washington State grape are still expected in October, as usual.

If you want grape this year, now's the time to order!  The California harvest is nearing its peak, so order ASAP!

Why Enzymes Matter...

Do you like wine from the vineyards, and wonder how can I improve upon what I've been doing all these years?  Try using the additives that we offer - they are used in the wineries and drastically improve the flavor, aroma and mouthfeel of your wine.  You spend all year carefully crafting wine, so why not make it vineyard-quality?

In every batch, we suggest adding Lallzyme, an enzyme, to increase maceration, giving you as much juice from the fruit as possible.  If you haven't tried Lallzyme yet, put one packet in per box of grapes.  You'll see a tremendous difference when it comes time to press.

New this year to us is Fermaid-O, which goes hand-in-hand with Go Ferm. Both Go Ferm and Fermaid-O are yeast nutrients, which improve the fermentation and help yield as much alcohol as possible.  In addition to the alcohol production, these eliminate the fermentable sugars, improving the flavor of the wine.  In the past we offered Fermaid-K; Fermaid-O contains organic nitrogen, which improves your wine better than Fermaid-K. In fact, brewers are now using Fermaid-O.

Opti-Red, Opti-White, Booster Rouge and Booster Blanc are also great choices to improve wine mouthfeel, decrease harshness, and aid with malolactic fermentation.  To read more, get our enzyme and additive sheet by clicking here.