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 The Accuvin Free SO2 (Free Sulfur Dioxide) kit measures the level of free SO2. The sulfur dioxide present in must and wine is not all useful as a preservative. Some is bound to other chemical components reducing its effectiveness as a preservative by 30 - 70%. Also the degree of binding can change over time affecting the ability of an adequate dose to continue providing its preservative properties. The effectiveness of sulfur dioxide as a preservative is also pH-dependent with low pH wines requiring lower levels and high pH wines requiring significantly greater concentrations to achieve the same effectiveness as in a typical wine with a pH of 3.3 - 3.4. The Accuvin Free SO2 Kit is divided into a Low Range (0 - 40 ppm) and a High Range (40 - 130 ppm).

The Free SO2 Kit includes 2 High Range Tests (red caps) and 8 Low Range Tests (green caps) 10 rehydration tubes (black caps) 10 samplers and complete illustrated how-to-run instructions. The insert includes a Summary Interpretation explaining how to use the test results. A monitoring chart is included. The label with the color chart is on the front of the kit.

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