Fermtech Autosiphon - Gallon, Regular or Fast Flow

SKU: EQP301200

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This is the siphon starter that really works. It is the simplest and most sanitary way to start a siphon. One stroke of the racking cane/piston assembly will start a siphon when immersed in as little as six inches of beer or wine; less than six inches may require a second stroke. Includes a removable racking tip to minimize sediment pickup. The normal auto-siphon works best with 3/8's or 5/163/8's hose. The fast flow auto-siphon requires 1/2's hose. You choose between the one gallon version, regular (fits 5 or 6 gallon carboy, 6 - 7 gallon primary fermenters) or Fast Flow (accommodates 5 gallon or larger vessels). Plastic; can be disassembled for cleaning and sanitizing.

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SKU EQP301200
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