Better Bottle Carboy - Ported - 6 Gallon

Better Bottle Carboy - Ported - 6 Gallon

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Don't think of Better-Bottle bottles as plastic - think of them as flexible glass because they are made from a special scientifically tested PET which does not have all the disadvantages of other plastics.

Better-Bottle bottles are:

  • Unbreakable and tough
  • Taste- and Odor-free
  • Impermeable to air (oxygen)
  • Clear and colorless
  • Incredibly light weight
  • and more . . .

They are made from special scientifically tested polyethylene terephthalate (PET) copolymer plastics and their non-absorbing non-porous surfaces are easily sanitized and do not carry over flavors from one batch of product to another. They have wide precision openings for which leak-tight non-jamming closures are available. Optional adjustable outlets make dispensing or racking by gravity simple and convenient. Unbreakable light weight Better-Bottle bottles are safe and easy to use wash and sanitize. Better-Bottle bottles are also available with racking outlets . Small-scale winemaking and brewing has never been so convenient. Racking with a Better-Bottle Racking Outlet involves little more than connecting quick-disconnect fittings and letting gravity take over - no siphon is necessary.

Requires a #10 bored rubber stopper or #10 Universal Stopper Bored for fermentation lock. Racking outlet requires 1/2" tubing

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