Blichmann Electric Horizontal RIMS Brew System

Blichmann Electric Horizontal RIMS Brew System

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Blichmann Engineering Pro-Brewing Turnkey Brewing Systems some with everything you need for mashing, boiling, sparging, and cooling. Perfect for home use or as a pilot system for commercial breweries. These systems use three top-of-the-line BoilerMaker kettles with a horizontal arrangement. Two RipTide pumps move water and wart between the kettles and through the Therminator wort chiller, making a brew day a breeze!

Comes with all the accessories needed for a complete brew day, including a 240v heating element and RIMS-Rocket, temperature control modules, false bottom, AutoSparge, whirlpool fitting, RipTide pumps and stainless-steel brewing table on casters. No fuss, no hassle, just pure pro brewing power!


Hot Liquor Tank                         Electric Boilermaker

                                                240v BoilCoil

Mash Tun                               BoilerMaker
RIMS-Rocket (Mash Control)

Boil Kettle                              Electric BoilerMaker
240v BoilCoil

Requires                                 2 - 240v 30 Amp GFCI L630R outlets
1 - 120v 15 Amp GFCI outlet

Controller                               2 - TOWER of POWER Controllers with digital power control

Pump                                      2 - RipTide Brewing Pumps

Table                                       72" x 24" Brewing Table 25" Height for ergonomic access to kettles*

Table includes junction box not a receptacle box.

Misc Accessories                  Hoses and Fittings
Therminator Wort Chiller



·        Made in USA.

·        Single piece construction from US made stainless steel.

·        Heavy gauge 304 stainless steel.

·        Linear Flow Valve disassembles in seconds for cleaning, allows precise control of flow, and orients in any direction.

·        Rivet free handles, rugged cool touch grips, oriented for easy carrying.

·        Borosilicate glass level gauge.

·        Diptube with rotating racking arm.

·        Lifetime limited warranty on kettles.


·        Patented button louver false bottom.

·        AutoSparge automatically sets the hot liquor flow rate and liquid level in your mash tun. 

·        Adjustable viewing angle thermometer.

·        Whirlpool fitting in boil kettle.


·        Less than 30 W/in² nearly half of the typical ultra low watt density for cleaning.

·        Each BoilCoil is engineered to preform optimally in your BoilerMaker G2 brew kettle for consistent heating performance, boil quality, and boil-off rates.

·        Robust stainless steel construction.

·        Less than ultra low watt density means NO chance of scorching when used as directed.

·        The 240v BoilCoil includes a 12 ft factory wired cable with a molded twist lock L6-30P plug.

·        Removable custom engineered plug means cleaning is a snap.

RipTide Brewing Pump

·        Ultra quiet motor.

·        Tri-Clamp disassembly for easy cleaning.

·        Integral linear flow control valve.

Tower of Power Temperature Controller

·        PID Temperature control.

·        On/off/auto mode selector switches.

·        Class A precision RTD temperature sensor.

·        Digital power control to meter the intensity of the heating element from 0-100%.

·        Controllers are table mounted for convenience.

·        Compact enclosure.

·        Brushed stainless cover and gloss black powder coated case that will look beautiful for years.

Heavy Duty Custom Table

·        14 ga 304 stainless steel.

·        Drip ledge to contain spills.

·        Apron to mount accessories.

·        Legs and lower shelf are stainless.

·        Built-in junction boxes.

·        Heavy duty casters for mobility.

·        Adjustable height lower storage shelf.

·        Made in USA

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