Beer & Wine Hobby's Brew Club! First meeting Thursday, May 7, 6:30 - 9 PM

One of our great friends asked recently 'hey, would you be interested in having a brew club at Beer & Wine Hobby??'  It took about 3 seconds to think about it, and the answer was a resounding 'Yes!!'  So here we are, ready to launch something new for our Brewers - your own brew club with a place to call home!

Our all-grain teacher, Erick C., will be our Inaugural Club Leader.  He's the brains behind the Club - the guy who thought up the idea and put our collective words into action.  Erick - thanks from all of us at Beer & Wine Hobby for spearheading the effort!

We have some basic principles that we hope you'll appreciate.

  • Our Brew Club is open to all brewers, regardless of expertise . Extract or all-grain brewing.  Newbie or seasoned brewer.  Your expertise level is expected to grow as you both learn and share.

  • We are all about learning.  This club will help you learn about every aspect of beer.  Share and participate.  Sample unique styles.  Suggest new topics...and maybe even present a topic!  The Club is yours to build.

  • New brewers are always welcome.  If you've never brewed before, we'll teach you how to make fine craft beer from the first batch.

  • Participation is FREE.  There are no dues, no room fees, nothing.  If you want to have light refreshments before meetings, we will accept donations to cover their cost.

Please join us!  Our first meeting is Thursday, May 7.  Arrive between 6:30 and 7:00 PM.  The meeting will start promptly at 7.  Please click here to reserve your spot in the first meeting.

First meeting topics:

  • Name the Club
  • Set club guidelines
  • Brainstorm meeting topics
  • Open Question and Answer Period
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