In which we introduce our new blog.


As the newest member of the Beer and Wine Hobby team I have a lot to learn. What better way to cement my knowledge then to share it all with you, post by post.

About the store (in case you didn’t know) Beer and Wine Hobby has been around for 48 years! Starting in a basement and growing overtime to have its own storefront and warehouse at 155 New Boston St. (Unit T), Woburn, MA.

The plan: to post twice a month once on homebrewing and once on winemaking. Discussing a new topic each month. If you have specific questions or topics that you’re interested in learning more about message me on Facebook or email the store at .

This month will be a bit wonky with there being three posts and all of which being back to back. Next month the blog posts will be on the first and third Monday of each month.

Coming this month: the different kinds of homebrewing and winemaking.

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