Wine Enzymes and Additives

Taking your wine to the next level is as easy as adding Enzymes and/or Nutrients!

Here's the list of options we have in-store for you.

Tip: be sure to STIR in all additives so that they mix throughly.

Ascorbic Acid: Also known as Vitamin C, ascorbic acid is used to prevent oxidation in wine post fermentation. Normally used before bottling.

Biolees: a natural yeast derivative nutrient. Can be added during primary fermentation, or towards the end of malolactic fermentation to help eliminate harshness and improve the balance of the wine. Wine MUST be racked within two weeks of addition of biolees.

Booster Blanc: a natural yeast derivative nutrient used as a fermentation activator for white or rose wines to improve aroma, decrease bitterness, and reduce chemical and vegetal tastes. Should be used at the beginning of fermentation since it will help reduce the production of sulfer and other off compounds.

Booster Rouge: a natural yeast derivative nutrient used as a fermentation activator for red wines to help reduce sulfur compounds. Aids in malolactic fermentation and increases mouthfeel and fresh fruit flavors.

Campden Tabs: use to prevent oxidation and growth of wild yeast and bacteria in must. Crush into a powder before using. 1/2 tablet for the first 30 day racking and 1/4 tablet for every 6-8 week racking after. See Also: Potassium Metabisulphite

Fermaid K: a balanced yeast nutrient which provides for a cleaner and more complete fermentation. Reduces risk of sluggish/stuck fermentation. Added to must after 1/3 of sugar fermentation is complete. Prevents the growth of unwanted by-products such as acetic acid, acetaldehyde, and diacetyl.

Fermaid-O: an organic version of Fermaid-K

Fermax: acts as food for the yeast and promotes rapid and complete fermentation. Stimulates yeast growth and is an useful addition to yeast starters and wine lacking in natural nutrients such as white wines and meads.

GoFerm: a yeast nutrient used to promote a strong fermentation in red or white wines. Add to yeast hydration water prior to adding the yeast. Provides high levels of essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that the yeast requires for a healthy fermentation.

Lallzyme EX: a specially formulated macerating enzyme preparation primarily used in red wines for improved color intensity and stability, greater mouthfeel and enhanced fruity, floral, and spicy flavors. May also be used in white wines for increased extraction. Be sure to add with other additions prior to the onset of fermentation.

Malolactic Fermentation: the conversion of malic acid to lactic acid by bacteria from the lactic family. Lactic Acid is less acidic than malic acid which in turn decreases acidity and helps to soften and/or round out some of the flavors in wine. We recommend pairing with OptiMalo to ensure a great fermentation! We will be doing a large malo post in the near future, stay tuned for more!

Noblesse: a natural yeast derivative nutrient for red and white wines. Can be used during fermentation or in finished wines. Helps to prevent the production of sulfur odors. It aids malolactic fermentation and its use yields wines that have a rounder, softer finish.

Opti Red: certified organic, natural yeast derivative nutrient for red wines. Add at the beginning of fermentation to improve color, provide rounder mouthfeel and better tannin integration. Can also add at the end of fermentation to reduce harshness.

Opti White: certified organic, natural yeast derivative nutrient for white wines. Add at the start of fermentation for round mouthfeel contribution, anti-oxidative color protection and aromatic freshness. You may also add at the end of fermentation to contribute mouthfeel and better integration of wood and alcohol.

Pectic Enzyme: (liquid or powder) eliminates pectin haze from wines or ciders made from pectin rich fruits. Add to crushed fruit prior to fermentation to increase juice extraction and color. Enhances clarification when fermentation has finished by destroying suspended pectic particles.

Potassium Meta: one of the MOST IMPORTANT additives in winemaking. Used to control spoilage during the crush by inhibiting bacteria and wild yeast. Also acts as a preservative during storage and by continuing to inhibit spoilage organisms and scavenge oxygen. Also used when sanitizing your wine equipment.

Reduless: a natural, organic, yeast derivative used to reduce sulfur defects such as hydrogen sulfite and improve the overall quality of red and white wines.

Tannin: naturally found in the grape skins and stems and adds astringency or zest to wine. Also aids in the clearing process.

Tannin FT Rouge: composed of grape and wood tannins specifically formulated for use during red wine fermentation. Used in red wines to improve tannin structure, increase color stability, improve mid-palate structure, and help significantly reduce or eliminate vegatal/herbal characters. Add at crush or beginning of fermentation.

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Happy Grape Season!


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