Winexpert LE16 Wines

We've been asked so many times - what exactly are WinExpert Limited Edition wines? So I thought I would give you an explanation of the program and why you should consider them!

For years, WinExpert has created some really excellent Limited Edition wine kits. These kits are really special - they often contain pure varietals or blends that you may have never experienced. This year, WinExpert is releasing some blockbusters, that I really look forward to making and tasting. The kits are Eclipse-quality - the finest wine kits offered by WinExpert - and they are best enjoyed when aged 6 or more months.

The releases are monthly starting in January and the schedule is:
Cabernet Franc


Blanc de Noir

Grenache Cabernet

Each wine is unique and you can read their detailed descriptions at the links below.  What we've found though is that WinExpert really takes time in selecting their grapes to ensure an AMAZING wine - like the Cab Franc from Washington's Yakima Valley.  Usually a great blending grape, the Washington Cab Franc is literally the finest our country has to offer.  It grows at the same latitude of France's Loire Valley, and the climate makes the pure varietal wine absolutely exceptional.

Similar to the Cab, the Vermentino is sourced from another fine winemaking region - Tuscany!  The Italian white is easy on the palate and perfect for summer parties.

The Blanc de Noir is special.  Made from red pinot noir grapes, the blanc de noir grape is crushed and immediately pressed, creating a white wine that is wonderfully bodied and refreshing and crisp.

To learn more visit this page and choose your wine: Winexpert Limited Edition Wines.  

Remember, if you want to make these exquisite wines, be sure to order by November 30!  Choose your delivery method and we'll either ship your kit when it arrives, or notify you to stop by!

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