Buon Vino Mini Jet Filter Pads


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These pads are to be used with Buon Vino MiniJet Filter System. They come in a set of three pads which is sufficient for one 5 gallon filtration. Each pad is approximately 5" by 5" in size.

Choose from three different levels of coarseness:

Grade #1 (6 microns) These pads are used mainly for heavy wines. These pads will produce minimal clarity for your wine without loss of body.

Grade #2 (1 micron) These pads are used for brightening and polishing your wine. With these pads you should notice a brightness in color and a more brilliant clarity.

Grade #3 (0.5 micron) These pads are used obtain a highly quality clarity. Strictly for white wines.
We recommend fining your wine with Bentonite or similar 1 to 2 weeks before filtration. The wine should be passed through grade #2 pads before attempting to filter through grade #3 pads. Filter pads are sold in packs of three and used in groups of three.

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Additional Info

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