Four Star Farms MA Grown Wet Hops

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Four Star is a Massachusetts sustainable farm that grows hops, wheat and turf. The farm offers nine varieties of amazing local hops and we are incredibly proud to offer them to you.

As wet hops are fresh, we are offering this very special deal with some requirements to ensure you receive the freshest cones possible.   

  • Order Now - the season is extremely short! The hop harvest will start mid-August and the season is as little as two weeks!
  • All hops offered in 1 pound increments.  One pound is equivalent to about 3-4 oz. of pelletized hops.
  • Local pickup necessary.   Wet hops are exclusively offered only as a Pick up in store item.   (Theyre so fine, we wish they would stay fresh during shipping to share with all our customers!) 
  •  We will call before hops arrive. We will call you the day before they arrive, at which point you have 24 hours pick up your hops and 48hrs from that point to either brew or dry them for future use.
  • Please pick up ASAP.   Hops lose their moisture and freshness quickly.  Since these hops are fresh, we cannot be held responsible for the freshness or weight of orders picked up 48 hours after delivery to us.

Mt. Ranier: A dual purpose hop with noble aroma characteristics (comparable to Hallertau). This hop imparts tremendous citrus notes with a heavy dose of pine and a subtle hint of licorice. Alpha: approx. 6.7%

Pepite: Four Star Farms Nugget, not like their west coast counterparts. Great as a dual purpose hop, youll find strong notes of sticky tropical fruit, banana, and bubble gum. Dont let the name fool you, these are not the herbal/earthy hops you think they are.   Alpha: approx. 12.6%

Centennial:   Making old-school new again. Versatile with a balanced depth of bitterness and forward aroma, think citrusy/floral with lots of dankness. Alpha: approx. 7.8%

Magnum: Known traditionally as a bittering hop with intense sticky, tropical fruit nose. Also nicknamed Pineapple Bombs. Alpha: approx. 12-15.5%

Crystal: Crystal is a triploid aroma-type cultivar from Hallertau Mittelfrh, Cascade, Brewer`s Gold and Early Green. Alpha: approx. 3.5-5.5%

Cascade: Versatile with a wonderful citrusy-spicy aroma. Alpha: approx. 4.5%

Chaos: Its a Teamaker blend, but thats as far as the farm knows.     Somehow, Teamaker crossed with another hop at the farm and the result, as one brewer called it, was   <bleeping> incredible!. Try some!   Alpha: approx. 7%    

Rakau: Developed as a dual hop, bursting with lots of typical New Zealand fruity aromatics. Think peach forward with dried apricot finish.   Alpha: approx. 10.7%

Teamaker: High aroma hop that imparts very little bitterness. Alpha: approx. 2.6%

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