French Oak Recoopered Barrels - All Sizes


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French Oak Recoopered Barrels are the most economical and 'green' alternative to oak aging your fine wine. After aging wine at wineries, these barrels are completely renewed through a special, proprietary process of planing the oak surface then retoasting the barrel to a medium char.

We are proud to offer these Recoopered Barrels - a 'green' recycling alternative for used French Oak Barrels. They are in like-new condition and with proper care will offer years of oaking and oxygenation to your wines.

The ReCoop process developed over the past 14 years has focused on ensuring no residue of wine or wine trace such as ethanol remains in the barrel and all heat affected wood from the original toasting is completely removed. These goals are achieved with sophisticated tooling and computer controlled processes and guarantee consistency with strict quality control management. All Recoopered barrels go through this process:

  • Remove 1/4' of the stave and head material as well as all of the wine soaked wood and have found out it is critical to remove the heat-affected wood from the first toast. This original toast can penetrate a barrel up to 3/16'.
  • The heads go through a similar parallel process. At this point the heads have been planed with the next process removing the wine-affected zone on the bezel. A ReCooped barrel that once held red wine can be used for white wine!
  • Once the barrel and heads have been aged to ensure complete volatization of all ethanol and wine essence the barrel is ready to be toasted. All barrels are hydrated thoroughly inspected and tested prior to shipment. After all the hard work you go through in picking sorting crushing and de-stemming it is only fitting that your wine should age in a ReCoop barrel.

Please note that these show in stock so that you can purchase them, however they are special order products and shipping rates will be quoted before purchase.  No discounts of any type are applicable towards barrels.

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