Central Valley California Alicante Grapes


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2020 Harvest Note: Your safety and confidence in the Fall Harvest is our top priority.  Due to COVID19 we will source our grapes from farmers who have agreed to harvest and deliver in a consumer-safe manner. 


You may get an upgrade: It is possible you may receive Lodi grapes when ordering Central Valley fruit.  Should this occur Lodi pricing shall apply if there is a Lodi price in place.otherwise enjoy a free upgrade!


If you specifically order Lodi grape, we will do our best to obtain your first choice. 


Safe Handling: Your grapes will be handled by our staff following all Massachusetts mandated safety protocols. 


Alicante - Widely cultivated since 1866 Alicante is a cross between Grenache and Petite Bouschet. One of the few teinturier (red grape with red flesh) varietals. 

About Alicante

Known for its deep color high tannin level and fruitiness. Mainly a blending wine blends well with Amarone and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Nose Pine needle forest minerals slate black fruits
Taste Green herb peppercorn red current cherry palate with a touch of menthol

* These notes are based upon a general assessment of this variety and your results may vary.

How much fresh grape will I need to make wine?

All California grape varietals arrive in 36lb crates.

5 Gallons of Wine 2 Crates
10 Gallons of Wine 5 Crates
30 Gallons of Wine 15 Crates

Your yield may vary based on the juice extraction process employed.

About ordering Fresh Grapes

Our fresh grapes and juices will be harvested at their peak and shipped to Beer & Wine Hobby around September or October based on the California weather. Check our Harvest Updates page for current information. Customers will be notified by phone ahead of their grape`s arrival.

Please pickup all fresh grapes and juice at our Danvers MA location.

Only the highest quality grapes

We think that if it`s worth doing it`s worth doing right. We get our grapes from some of the best regions from vineyards that produce grapes that highlight the true character of the terroir. The grapes are packed and  well-sulfited for the journey from California to your wine cellar.

How to make wine using fresh grapes

Making wine from fresh grapes is easy and is often a traditional time for the whole family to share in the event. You`ll need just a few items of equipent to get started. We offer fresh grape and fresh juice winemaking classes. We also have many tips on our Winemaking How-To`s posted online for reference.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Color Red
Grape Quality Central Valley Select
Super Saver Shipping No
Free Shipping No
Shipping options In store pick up only


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