Goodnow Farms Ltd Edition Nicaraguan Nicalizo Dark Chocolate

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Goodnow Farms is a family-owned local chocolatier that produces amazing bean-to-bar chocolate.  Monica, one of the owners, brought us a whole bunch of samples, and after one taste we were hooked! 

Beer & Wine Hobby was so impressed by their story - a husband and wife team that grew a small business from a hobby and a dream, like alot of our brewers and winemakers.  They hand-craft and hand-pack incredible 60-77% cacao dark chocolate bars with beans that are responsibly harvested, at better-than-fair-trade prices, from Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador and Nicaragua.  Each chocolate bar has a distinct rich flavor and is incredibly smooth. 

The first Heirloom cacao from Nicaragua

Nicaragua has many fine flavor cacao varieties, but it wasnt until late 2015 that the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) recognized the country as a fine cocoa origin (one of only nine countries to have that designation). One of the fine cocoa varieties is Nicalizo, which in late 2015 was the first Nicaraguan cacao to be awarded Heirloom Cacao status by the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Initiative (HCP). The term heirloom can mean many things, but in the case of the HCP it means a bean that, through a combination of genetics, terroir and post harvest processing (fermenting and drying) has an extraordinary or unique flavor. The designation is important for many reasons, among which is that identifying heirloom cacao can potentially help preserve the genetics of those beans through increased awareness.

A consistently high quality bean

The Nicalizo bean was identified and propagated through a program run by Ingemann Fine Cacao, just outside Managua. Theyve helped more than 400 small farmers start or expand their cocoa plantations. In exchange for agreeing to a long-term contract to provide cacao to Ingemann, farmers receive training and technical assistance, and are also given access to many fine flavor varieties of cacao, including Nicalizo. In addition, Ingemann guarantees the farmers will always receive a price thats 25% above New York commodity cacao prices.

Ingemann collects all of the wet cacao from the farmers, then ferments and dries it at their facility, ensuring a consistently high quality bean. Nicalizos Heirloom designation was announced at the Fine Chocolate Industry Association (FCIA) conference in San Francisco in September of 2015.

Flavor profile: The complex flavors in this limited edition bar include grapes and raisins, with a slight woody aftertaste.

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