Oregon Fruit Puree

Oregon Fruit Puree

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Oregon Fruit Products have taken the hassle out of making fruit based wine and beer. Their new line of fruit purees provide you with all of the fresh fruit flavor and character without the seeds skins or crushing of solid packed fruit. Oregon Fruit Purees have been sterilized and are ready to use. The convenient 49 oz. (3 lb. 1 oz.) tins are easily converted into any batch size. There is more fruit by weight with the purees since the seeds have been removed.

This is real fruit. If you have any left over use it on ice cream or yogurt in cereal bake with it use in sauces. Always use the fruit purees in the primary or secondary fermenter. Never boil the purees. 

Oregon Fruit Products are considered one of the most delicious in the world. They contain no seeds and have been comm. sterilized. Size of tins are 49 oz. Recommended for usage in Wine or Beer.
Additional ingredients needed for wine are Pecitic enzyme yeast nutrient acid blend tannin
campden tabletsstablizeryeast and a clearing agent.
Beermakers! 1 can per 5 gls .
Winemakers! 2 or 3 cans per 5 gls.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Color Red
Wine Producer No
Grape Quality No
Super Saver Shipping Yes
Free Shipping Yes


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