14th Annual San Giovanni di Battista Wine Festival

Join us for an evening of wine, dancing, food and fun at the 14th annual San Giovanni di Battista Wine Festival! 

This wonderful event is sponsored by a great South Shore Italian Social Club that Beer & Wine Hobby has been supporting for years. The Wine Festival draws over 50 contestants from all over the region to celebrate the fine art of winemaking.  This is a really great night out!

During the cocktail hour you will enjoy hors d'oeurves and the homemade wines being judged that evening.  In the past guests participated in the People's Choice award, choosing their favorite wine of the evening.  And after the cocktail hour, the wine flows during the multi-course dinner.

You don't have to enter a wine to attend the event!  

Tickets can be purchased for $80 per person at Beer & Wine Hobby. Make your check payable to IACC-SGB. 

To enter your wine:

Bring one gallon of wine to Beer & Wine Hobby.  Label the wine with your name, telephone number and varietal on the jug. Write the year of the vintage and all the grapes used in the entry. You may enter more than one category.  


Deadline (extended): Sunday, March 8, 2015


Entry in the event is complementary; please buy a ticket and attend if you enter your wine!