StirStarter Yeast Stir Plate - 1000/2000 ML

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A stir plate is a device used to create a constant stirring motion in a yeast starter. Constant stirring increases yeast growth and creates healthier yeast for fermentation of your wort.The StirStarter Yeast Stir Plate is an indispensable brewing tool that will make your good beers better.

Many home brewers don`t pitch nearly enough yeast. This stir plate helps you culture higher cell counts of healthy yeast for quicker fermentations lower risk of infections and better tasting beer. All this in less time than it takes to make a conventional yeast starter. The StriStarter Stir Plate is less expensive that laboratory grade stir plates because is made just for yeast so unnecessary and expensive features can be eliminated.

The StirStarter Stir Plate: Includes stir plate & power cord magnetic stir bar keeper magnet instructions and warranty.

  • Has two powerful NdFeB button magnets in the 12 VDC stir motor which is Controlled by a precision voltage regulator for easy speed adjustment
  • The RPMs of the drive motor are limited so the motor will not `throw` the stir bar yet it provides enough to get a good vortex going.
  • A low voltage plug-in wall transformer provides power to the unit.
  • A Teflon coated 1` x 5/16` stir bar is included.
  • A `keeper` magnet is also supplied to lock the stir bar in place while the yeast is pitched so the stir bar won`t end up in your fermenter!


Available in (2) Sizes:

  • Stir Plate 2000: Dimensions are 6` x 4` x 2` large enough to accomodate a 2000 mL flask
  • Stir Plate 5000: Dimensions are 9` x 6` x 2.5` large enough to accomodate a 5000 mL flask

A starter is necessary for a number of reasons:

  • Variable storage temperature or using yeast close to its `use by` date diminishes the viable cell counts in a liquid yeast.
  • Low pitch rates may result in infected finished beer higher than normal final gravity excess production of objectionable flavors caused by fusel alcohols esters diacetyl and sulfur compounds.
  • A starter allows you to step up the cell counts to the appropriate level for the style you are brewing. As wort gravity increases the need for more yeast increases



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