The Wine Siphon and Pump-over Tool

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The Wine Siphon and Pumpover Tool is the perfect addition to your winemaking gear.  It serves dual functions:

What`s a Pumpover??

instead of punching the cap every 12 hours, use this tool and your pump to draw wine from the bottom of the vessel and pump it over the must cap!  Let the pump and the siphon do the work for you!

Move the Juice!

The stainless steel 36" tube is perfect for siphoning juice from a fermenter without drawing any pomace or seeds.  You can use this at the end of maceration, right before pressing. A pro tip - draw the wine till the pump runs dry, then move the Siphon to another spot in the fermenter.  Continue the process until the all the juice is out of the vessel.  Your free-run wine is transferred cleanly, with minimal mess and waste.

Try before you buy

We believe in this revoluationary tool so much that you can try it before buying!  Rent the too from us for a 3 or 7 day period and use it for pumpover for a week, or to transfer free run for a 3 day period. 

The siphon tube is made of stainless steel with nylon caps.  Pump sold separately


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