US Summit Hop Pellets

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US Summit hops are a cross pollination of Lexus and an unspecified male; derived from numerous plants including Zeus Nugget and other male varieties. Primarily used as a bittering hop the Summit offers spice earthy onion garlic and citrus (pink grapefruit orange and tangerine) tones.

Leaf hops are the dried and pressed natural inflorescences of the female hop plant. During harvest these inflorescences or 'cones' are removed from the plants dried and pressed into bales on the farm. They are supplied to brewers as whole or part bales ready for immediate use.

Leaf hops are usually added either to the boiling wort in the kettle or after fermentation for dry-hopping. For maximum aroma additions should be made at end of boil during whirlpool to capture as much of the volatile oil as possible. For maximum bittering additions need to be made one hour before the end of the boil. Additions made approximately 10-15 minutes prior to the end of the boil will provide late-hop character. Dry-hopping additions are usually made prior to fermentation and the hops can remain in the product for several days or in some cases until the product is consumed. The main advantage of whole hops is the perception of utilizing a completely natural ingredient.

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