Vanilla Bourbon Oak Stout - All Grain Version

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Vanilla Bourbon Oak Stout: You won't find beers of this caliber on the shelves of your average liquor store as they are born from deep inside the heart of the beer lover.  We've taken a rich Imperial Stout and imparted upon it the complexity of French oak. Natural oak vanillin transition to vanilla bean... and then into a sea of roasted malt.  If you have the patience cellar for 6 months for additional depth.

*2 Vanilla Beans and Bourbon NOT included.
Age for at least 2 weeks for best results 6 weeks or longer.

This kit was originally created as an extract recipe and we offer both the all grain (here) plus the extract version.

We've created these fresh all-grain kits for advanced brewers. Advanced knowledge and equipment required to create an all-grain craft brew.  Priming Sugar not included in our All Grain Kits.

All of our Recipe of the Month kits are proven quality brews. They are pre-packaged complete with instructions and ready for brew day. Our kits yield 5 gallons. Kit includes grains hops adjuncts and yeast.

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Additional Info

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