What Hoppend Double IPA

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What HOPend Double IPA: Attention Hop-heads! This is what you`ve been waiting for. We`ve taken a HUGE high gravity ale and added mounds and mounds of delicious hops. But don`t get the impression this is a ham-handed brew. We`ve meticulously introduced FOUR types of hops at FOUR separate times in the brew process. The result? A citrusy hop aroma and flavor rich in complexity. You may have had a lot of good beer in your time but nothing like this. It`s a hop education and refreshing ale at the same time. You can`t beat that. Protect your stash from friends and family or you`ll be asking yourself `What Hopened?!`

Our High Gravity (High Alcohol) recipe series are quality proven brews.  They are pre-packaged and pre-measured complete with instructions ready for use. All kits yield 5 gallons.

Be sure to add one large muslin bag to your order;  it is required but NOT included!

For over 40 years Beer & Wine Hobby has been on the forefront of homebrewing.  Each of our beer kits has been meticulously designed by our staff of expert in-house brewers with the singular goal of helping you to create the best craft beers possible.  

Our recipe kits are created daily for freshness and have all of the malt extract specialty grains hops and yeast for you to make these amazing styles at home.  Plus you can call our consulting hotline with any questions you may have along the way. 

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