White House Honey Porter w/ Nottingham Yeast

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History shows that homebrewing has a been a passion for our nation`s leaders for centuries.  

George Washington brewed beer and distilled whiskey at Mount Vernon and we know that Thomas Jefferson made wine.  Today we are pleased to announce the second recipe straight from the White House to yours.   

Tasting Notes
A full-bodied Porter this brew has a substantial roasted malt character. Brewed with traditional hops and sweetened with honey to balance the spiciness from the hops and the roasted malt character.

Your craft brew kit includes specialty grains malt extracts hops and additives.  

All of our Beer and Wine Hobby craft brewing kits are proven quality brews. They are pre-packaged and pre-measured complete with instructions ready for use. All kits yield 5 gallons. Most kits now available with either Ready to Pitch Liquid Yeast for your ease and convenience or Dry Yeast which you may prefer in the summer months because it ships well. This kit includes dry yeast.

Be sure to add one muslin bag to your order;  it is required but NOT included!

For over 40 years Beer & Wine Hobby has been on the forefront of homebrewing.  Each of our beer kits has been meticulously designed by our staff of expert in-house brewers with the singular goal of helping you to create the best craft beers possible.  

Our recipe kits are created daily for freshness and have all of the malt extract specialty grains hops and yeast for you to make these amazing styles at home.  Plus you can call our consulting hotline with any questions you may have along the way.  Now get brewing!

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Additional Info

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