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The WineEasy combined fermenter and press by Blichmann Engineering is truly a revolutionary process. Since the wine is pressed in the same vessel in which it is fermented the fermentation vat and pressing systems are sold separately allowing you to choose the size fermenters you wish while using only one pressing system for any size tank.


Fermenter Size

Gross Volume (gal)

Max Must Volume (gal)

Gross Finished Wine*(gal)

20 Gallon

20 Gallons

15 Gallons

10 Gallons

30 Gallon


20 Gallons

15 Gallons

55 Gallon

55 Gallons

42 Gallons

27 Gallons


*Finished Wine and Must weight are approximations only due to varietal differences and other variables.

Buying Your System: The WineEasy system is divided into 3 main parts: Fermenter Piston and Vacuum Pump. This eliminates any wasted components should you desire to have multiple fermenters and or different size units in your winery.

Step One: The base fermenting vat; select the size that meets your needs. Each fermenting tank comes equipped with the ring stand bottom valve false bottom assembly and a tight fitting lid.

Step Two: Purchase a piston assembly to match your fermenter size. You will need ONE piston for each different size fermenter you have in your winery. If you have multiple fermenters of the SAME size you will only need ONE piston.

Step Three: Purchase the vacuum press kit. You will only need ONE vacuum press kit for your winery no matter what quantity or size fermenters you have. The vacuum press kit can also be used to degass your wine!

Leg extensions are also available for the 20 and 30 Gallon size WineEasy!

This is a specal order item and will ship directly from the manufacturer.

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Additional Info

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