Wine Additives - what do they do?


Everyone has their own way of making wine and we respect that. Wine is only made once or twice a year (yes, there’s a Southern Hemisphere harvest in the spring), and we understand how important it is to make your wine perfect every time!

Today's focus is what you can do with your wine 30 to 60 days after initial fermentation. 

At this point adding Opti-Red (for red wines) or Opti-White (white wines) reduces harshness in flavor. Treating the wine is simple - add one packet for every 6 gallons. You may need to very gently stir the wine and remember - never aerate!

Opti-Red and Opti-White - great early-aging additives

These are certified organic, natural yeast derivative nutrients. They can be used at either the beginning or end of fermentation. When adding at the beginning of fermentation, it helps improve tannin integration (i.e. improves color), and provides better mouthfeel.

Unsure if you want to add it to all of your wine right away? Try a separating a gallon of your wine and experiment . Add Opti-Red or White, and stick to your winemaking method. When it’s time to bottle, run a taste test and you'll definitely experience a difference!

Find Opti-Red and Opti-White by clicking on these links or stop by our Danvers store today!