The New Winexpert Portfolio of Wines

Beer & Wine Hobby is proud to offer you Winexpert's reformulated lineup of Wines!  

In 2018, Winexpert began an initiative to reinvent their wines.  As the global leader in the winemaking industry, they contuously challenge themselves to innovate.  And the results shine:

Higher Quality Wine is produced by less processing – ensures the wines are as natural as possible, at higher brix (sugar) levels, requiring less pasteurization.  The result a finer tasting wine!

Smaller packaging is a natural result of lower processing- producing higher concentration juices – great for both winemaking and the environment.

Lower Impact on our planet – the smaller packaging format saves:

  • 2049 trees (through lower cardboard usage)
  • 456,650 Miles of trucking – more kits can be shipped per truck
  • Electricity – enough to charge over 15,000 iPhones annually

Winexpert now offers Classic, Reserve and Private Reserve wine tiers.  Ask for details when you call or visit.

Better Wine.  Improved packaging.  A positive impact on our planet. 

All the reasons why Beer & Wine Hobby proudly offers the Winexpert portfolio

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