Triumph Hop Rhizome

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Triumph Hop Rhizome - New for 2024!

Triumph hops are the newest variety to be released by the USDA public hop breeding program. Triumph has been almost two decades in the making, but has been making quite the impact in the brewing community after it was officially released in 2019. While the initial acreage of Triumph was small, the high demand has pushed farmers to expand out acreage and the 2020 crop is looking to be its breakout year.

Triumph`s parentage consists of East Kent Goldings, Brewers Gold, Nugget, and Hallertau Mittelfrh, and its noble genetics are definitely present, making it the perfect lager hop. But Triumph has also found a home in fruit forward ales and IPAs due to its bright aromas of orange, lime, and peach. Triumph is more delicate than other fruit forward varieties, but still robust enough to be used in a wide range of styles.



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Due to agricultural regulations we cannot ship this item to WA, OR, CA or ID.

Hops are native to many parts of the world and different varieties have been found growing anywhere from desert locations to 7000 ft. elevations. Your ability to grow hops is usually not limited by your location on earth. The health of the bine is more dependent on the grower`s ability to provide proper growing conditions and care. Under good conditions, hops are prolific and will be a joy to grow and utilize. Vigorous varieties will produce as much as 2 lbs. of dried flowers per plant. When grown next to a house or greenhouse, the bine provides a nice seasonal shade against the summer sun.

As the female flower matures, it forms a cone-like structure. The mature hop cones are 1-3 inches long, yellowish green and papery to the touch. The cones are generally harvested in August and September, dried and then used for whatever brewing or ornamental purpose you desire.

With each rhizome order we include detailed growing instructions. Upon receipt, rhizomes should be stored in a plastic bag, slightly moistened, and kept in the refrigerator until you are ready to plant them.

Be sure to keep dogs away from hops as they are hazardous to their health.   

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