Blichmann Grain Mill

Blichmann Grain Mill

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The Blichmann Pro Grain Mill is designed exclusively for nano scale pro brewers, and homebrewing enthusiasts.  Over three years of development went into the research, design, and field testing of this mill.  The result is pure Blichmann performance, and robust quality.  At 12 lb/min, youll blow through a sack of malt in 4 min flat.  Thats 2X faster than anything in its class.  Add to that the zero-shear gear driven rollers with our exclusive micro-flute hardened steel rollers and you get a crush like nothing on the market.

Drive Motor
The massive, durable ½ hp 120V gear motor has high starting torque and low noise.  The oil filled right angle gear reducer is built for years of use, and directly couples to the roller shaft for a compact installation.  And no awkward DC transformer needed!   Also included is a reversing switch in the event of a jam from foreign material.

Roller Drive Gears
Weve selected hardened steel and self-lubricating bronze gear set for their strength, and maintenance free durability.  The entire drivetrain is sealed from grain dust, including the double sealed shaft ball bearings.  No belt tensioners to adjust or replace as they wear.

Zero Shear Roller System
Eliminating shear forces on the grain kernel on the way through the mill is the most effective way to improve crush quality and leave the hull intact as possible.  The large 3 diameter rollers with our exclusive micro-flute design reduces grain shear and efficiently draws grain through the rollers with minimal husk damage.  And the hardened steel lasts 5X longer than stainless steel.  The gear drive system turns the rollers at the same speed which virtually eliminates grain shear.  Weve slowed down the roller speed to 125 RPM to reduce grain shatter, and lastly, weve utilized a 6 roller width to increase throughput.  Put all these features together and youve got a mill that gets the job done quickly, leaves the husk intact, and the endosperm in the ASBC recommended proportion of grits and flour.  The result?  High extraction efficiency, repeatability, and easy lautering.

The small hopper is ideal for home use, or specialty grains.  Step up to the 65# hopper and youve got the perfect height, volume, and opening size to easily dump a full sack of malt into.  No spills, overflow, or standing around waiting to refill.

Two stand sizes are available.  One for 7-8 gal buckets (up to 14W X 20H) that is perfect for homebrewing, or the wide stand for bins that can hold 50-80 lb of malt (up to 22W X 20 tall).  Both are offered with feet or casters.

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