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An easy way to eliminate chill haze in your finished beer is to add one vial of Clarity Ferm to your fermenter prior to the onset of fermentation. Use 1 vial per 5 gallon batch. Simply add to chilled wort when pitching yeast.

Clarity Ferm from White Labs is an enzyme that promotes clearer beer by breaking down the proteins responsible for chill haze. It is used to prevent chill haze and to produce reduced levels of gluten in beers made from barley and wheat. Chill haze is caused in your fermenter during aging when polyphenols and polypetides bond together. Clarity ferm cleaves polypetides (a protein fraction) so they cannot bond with polyphenols (tannin).

White Labs Fermentation Enzymes speed up biomechanical actions. They are naturally occuring and lower the energy needed for a reaction to occur. Enzymes can facilitate many of the reactions that take place during the mash or fermentation thus optimizing production efficiency. Because enzymes are very specific they do not affect the final flavor of your beer.

Shelf life is 6 months.

Each vial is sufficient for treating 5 to 7 gallons of beer.




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