Complete Pin Lock Seltzer Water System


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Seltzer Water is so easy and inexpensive to make, why buy it at a store?

Our Complete Seltzer Water System comes with EVERYTHING you need! You can make up to 5 gallons of seltzer at a fraction of the store-bought cost. The possibilities are endless! Flavor your seltzer using our natural flavorings, make old-fashioned sodas (yes, even diet sodas), or even carbonate your favorite concoctions.

Each kit is custom-built! This way if you have special requests or already own some equipment we will custom-design your system.

Want to try beer or wine? This system can also be used to serve been or wine on Draft!

What does the system include?

Gas Setup: On the gas side, we provide a new 5 lb. empty CO2 tank for shipped kits.  In-store, you can opt for a tank filled with food-grade CO2. Why food-grade? The difference is in the gas manufacturing process. Food-grade gas provides safety and peace of mind that you are carbonating with the purest and safest gas available.

Already have a CO2 tank? Call the store and we can adjust the price of your order.  

High Quality American Regulators: Our system features an American-made regulator with input and output pressure gauges and a MFL shutoff with check valve. Why American made? Because we know the manufacturers, the suppliers and assemblers. These gauges are rock-solid and easy to use. The MFL shutoff allows you to easily turn on and off the gas to your beverage. The check valve feature ensures that liquid will not back up into your gas line (in the event you run out of gas!).

Manifolds: Manifolds distribute gas to muti-keg systems. Our aluminum manifolds feature the same quality check valve shutoffs as our regulator, offering the peace of mind that your gas lines will remain liquid-free.  

Tubing: This system includes FDA-approved Bevlex, the gold standard of beverage tubing and Siphon Tubing for the gas lines.

Connectors: Unlike the competition, we believe in using screw-on MFL connectors, where others just use barbs and single use crimp clamps. MFLs allow you to easily connect and disconnect tubing without ruining airtight clamp connections. The screw-on connectors provide easy hose changes on both the gas and liquid side. Quality and flexibility its what we believe in!

Picnic Tap: We provide an in-fridge picnic tap with our soda systems. 

You can upgrade to a stainless shank and tap for through-the-door convenience - give us a call for details!

Pin Lock Kegs: We only offer USED Pin Lock Kegs.

If you already have kegs, please give us a call and we can adjust the price of your order! 

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Additional Info

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