Harvest Update, August 2021


Its an early season!  The heat early in the growing season gave vineyards a jump start on the growing season, which has resulted in an early harvest.

We just got word that California grapes will begin to arrive the first week of September.  Unlike years past, we will begin to see both red and white grape Sept 1 - 8.  Please be sure to order NOW!  Click here for Grapes, or here for Juice.

Check out our Harvest flyer here

California Wildfires:
The fires have not affected the grapes.  They are neither smoky nor has their growth been impacted. 

Timing: We also expect the season to be finished by mid-October, rather than wane into early November as in years past.  

Varietals: This year we offer Lanza, Lodi, Mettler Ranch, Contra Costa and WA State varieties. 

We have only one Central Valley Grape - Vermentino.  New to Beer & Wine Hobby, it is a white varietal originating in Sardinia, with a light, crisp flavor unlike anything you have ever experienced.  Give it a try!

Mettler Ranch is the pick of the winemaking season. Field reports are that the fruit is excellent and is ripening exceptionally well.  

Crushing Services: COVID continues to fuel the labor shortage, and as such we will not offer crushing services this year. 

Pricing:  Increases in freight, the cost of recyclable plastic crates, buckets, and labor have impacted all fruit and juice from both California and Italy. 


Collina del Sol is available weekly.

Mosti Fresco and Mosto Imperatore will arrive early-mid October.  Please order early!