Suisun Valley and Lanza Musto Vineyards

Suisun Valley is around eight miles long and three miles wide – about 15,000 acres. It’s a cool climate, with plentiful daytime sun, and cool afternoon breezes. Fog is rare in Suisun Valley because the George Range protects it from the effects of the Pacific Ocean. The soil here is abundant, deep, and varied.

In 1983 the North Coast Appellation combined Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino counties, plus Suisun Valley, Green Valley and parts of Lake and Marin counties, into an ultra premium wine grape growing region, with worldwide recognition.

Suisun Valley is like a mini version of Napa Valley, because both AVAs have intricate microclimates. Suisun Valley is only eight miles long, but its geography is very diverse. The south is very cool, with temperatures increasing to the north. The resulting network of microclimates allows many different varieties of grapes to grow in precisely the conditions they prefer.

Lanza Vineyards run the length of the valley so they can take advantage of every microclimate.

Source: Wooden Valley Winery website