Mini Keg Instructions

Note: These instructions refer to both the white two-cylinder and black one-cylinder adapters. As of 2011, the manufacturer discontinued the two-cylinder adapter. The 2-cylinder design accommodates 2 CO2 cartridges or 1 nitrous oxide and 1 CO2 cartridge (for Guinness style recipes).

For a 5 gallon batch of beer you will need: (4) Mini Kegs, (4) Two-Piece Re-usable Bungs, a Tap-A-Draft Dispensing Regulator, a white Tap-A-Draft Adapter and CO2 Cartridges.

Filling, priming and carbonation: Fill the mini kegs one inch from the top with your beer and prime with 1-1.5 Tablespoons of priming sugar per keg. Seal keg with a three-piece reusable bung.  The bung should be assembled using the red back and black rubber pieces.  Allow beer to carbonate naturally at room temperature. (approximately 7 – 14 days).

Tapping your keg:

  • When ready to dispense your beer, sanitize your white plastic adapter and regulator.
  • Apply teflon tape to the treads of the white adapter to ensure a good seal with the regulator. To apply teflon tape, hold the end of the tape against the treads, wrap the tape tightly around the adapter's treads 1.5 times, and cut the tape.  Hold your thumb on the tape until it overlaps - the tape should now hold itself in place. You can find teflon tape at home improvement stores.
  • Screw your Tap-A-Draft dispensing regulator into the adapter, and then push the assembled adapter into the bung. The small red stopper on the back of the bung will fall into the beer - retrieve it later and place it back in the bung.

You will now be able to use the Tap-A-Draft head in the horizontal position to dispense the keg. After dispensing the first beer place one or two CO2 cartridges in the dispensing unit (depending on model) to keep the mini keg pressurized and carbonation in your beer.

Note: To create a Guinness style gas system use (1) CO2 cartridge and (1) N2O cartridge in the Tap-A-Draft dispensing regulator.