Peach Aseptic Puree and Wine Base

Peach Aseptic Puree and Wine Base


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Our locally packaged Aseptic Peach Puree is prepared from ripened, washed and sorted peaches - that`s it.  Nothing more. Our purees contains no preservatives and no additives. It is great for both brewing and winemaking.  Compared to the competition, we provide more (128 oz. vs 96 oz.) at a great value!

Aseptic means that the puree is free from bacteria, viruses and other forms of contamination.  It is pasteurized at 192F or higher for a minimum 15 minutes, then cooled and aseptically packaged. Our puree is the purest form that you can find! 

The food service and beverage industry relies on our puree as it is guaranteed to comply with FDA, Juice HACCP: 21 CFR Part 120, applicable state and local laws and regulations.

As this is a natural product, the physical properties of our purees vary due to seasonal variation of agricultural commodities.


pH: 3.0-3.7

Brix 9-12 degrees

Specific Gravity 1.036-1.053

Product is shelf-stable, no refrigeration is necessary for food safety of unopened bags. Refrigerated or frozen storage is highly recommended for optimal color and flavor quality. Thawed product should not be refrozen. Shelf-life is 12 months from production date.

After opening, keep in refridgerator and use within 5 days.  Freezing open containers will extend puree life, however a color change may occur.

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