Spike FLEX 3 Port Lid

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Some customers like to grow into their equipment over time. The Flex was designed to be upgraded. When you`re ready to step into carbonating your beer in your Flex, you can easily upgrade to the Flex+ lid package. The Flex+ lid and high pressure lid clamp are rated up to 15psi. This essentially turns your base Flex into a unitank that can both ferment and carbonate!

The new lid with three 1.5" tri-clamps offers dedicated ports for the following:


Blow Off Port  Dedicated port for an airlock or blow off tube

Hop Port  Dedicated port for adding hops

PRV Port  Dedicated port for your pressure relief valve (PRV)


Lid Only Includes:
-3 Port Flex+ Lid

-(2) 1.5" Caps
-(2) 1.5" Clamps
-(2) 1.5" Gasket


Lid and Clamp Includes:

-Everything with the Lid Only package + the 15psi band clamp

-4" cap, clamp, gasket and airlock will be reused from your base Flex

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Additional Info

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