Adhesive Strip Thermometer


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This adhesive strip thermometer is a liquid crystal display thermometer designed to monitor the temperature of the fermentation process with convenience and precision without the sanitation concerns of immersion thermometers.

  • It has a temperature range of 36 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit with temperature indicators every 2 degrees. Interpolation allows for one degree temperature determinations.
  • It sports suggested ranges for the fermentation of both ales and lagers.  These are broad guidelines only.
  • Made of mylar to be water resistant.
  • Easy to read two color graphics

Easy to use. Peel off the paper on the back and attach to the outside of your fermenter with the self-adhesive backing.  Be careful.  Once you stick it on it won`t come off without damaging the unit.  It is best to stick it at mid-height on your fermenter to average out any stratifications in temperature that may occur.
Reading the temperature is straight forward.  If one crystal is highlighted in green it is that temperature.  If two adjoining crystals are highlighted in blue and tan it is the temperature in between.
Like all LCD thermometers this one is water resistant not water proof.  While it can easily be rinsed or washed with traditional cleaning and sanitizing solutions it should not to be continuously exposed to these or other solutions for extended time periods.  

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