APEX London Dry Ale Yeast


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Apex Cultures London originates from England and is used today by a large number of commercial breweries. London has an excellent fermentation capacity and ferments very quickly. The final aroma is quite neutral, only slightly estery. London Ale has a very high sedimentation ability at the end of fermentation. London is a perfect choice for any English, Irish, Belgian or French ale, including hop forward American brews.

Dosage: Standard dosing rate is one 11.5g sachet per 5 gallons of wort. Pitch the yeast directly into the fermentation vessel on the surface of the wort.

Rehydration (optional): In sterile water at a temperature of 82-86°F (28- 30°C). Dissolve the yeast at a ratio of 1:10 and let stand for 20 minutes. Then stir well to obtain a complete suspension of the yeast. Slowly cool yeast slurry down to the same temperature as your wort by adding small amounts of wort to the slurry and stirring. Dose the creamy yeast slurry directly into the fermenter.

Fermentation kinetics: fast, 7 days at 64F (18C)

Fermentation temperature range: 61-75F (16-24C)

Apparent attenuation: 75%

Flocculation & sedimentation ability: high

Dosage recommendation: 11.5g per 5 gallons of wort

Alcohol tolerance: 9.5%

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