Artisan Cheese Making Kit with Press

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Making cheese at home is easy fun delectable and economical. You can make a variety of cheeses that will cost you a fraction of the store price. In as little as a few hours you can be nibbling on your own homemade cheese. Or if you prefer you can spend months perfecting your technique for your own unique brand of cheese. From Mozzarella or Gruyere to Gorgonzola you haven`t really tasted cheese until you`ve tasted fresh homemade cheese.

Starter cultures produce acidity in milk and add flavor to cheese. Mesophilic thrive at moderate temperatures and Thermophilic at high temperatures. Proper acid development is very important in preserving cheese. These cultures are added right into the milk.

Our Artisan Cheese Making Kit with Press includes: Home Cheese Making by Ricki Carroll 2 Vegetable Rennett Tablets Cheese Culture (packet of 5 you choose Mesophilic or Thermophilic) Citric Acid, Floating Thermometer, Cheese Cloth, and the Italian Micro Cheese Press.

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