5 Spout Gravity Feed Stainless Steel Wine Filler


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This bottle filler is made entirely of 304 stainless steel. This model`s design allows it to work with very few moving parts - just a float and five independent bottle fillers. 

How it works:

Physics makes this filler both simple and ingenious!  The system uses gravity to fill bottles, and equilibrium to halt the wine flow.  

The system contains three components - the filler, a wine trough float, and a siphon starter.  Not included: an autosiphon to start wine flowing from your container, tubing to move wine from the autosiphon to the bottle filler, and bottles. 

Wine flows from a container (carboy, demijohn or stainless tank) into the wine trough at the top of the filler using a sanitized tube and autosiphon.  Using the included trough float, you set the level of wine in the trough.  The float with open and close a valve, keeping the trough continuously filled up to the desired level. This is also the level to which the bottles will fill.  

Once the trough is initially filled, you can use the siphon starter (included) to prime each bottle filler tube. 

To fill a bottle, place a sanitized empty on the filler spout and rest the bottom of the bottle in the adjustable lower tray.  Gravity will fill the bottle, and when the wine reaches the same level in the bottle and trough, the bottle will stop filling.  The bottom tray can be adjusted up or down to achieve the perfect wine bottle fill.  Remove the bottle.....and repeat!

Each spout fills approximately 2-3 bottles per minute.  We have found in practice that you should have the large container (carboy, demijohn or stainless tank) a minimum of 36" above the top of the wine filler to maintain a constant pressure into both the trough and the bottles.  The higher the feeding vessel, the faster the flow, and the faster bottles will fill.

The bottle filler is easy to clean-- just flush with water and sanitizer.  

Please note: not recommended for hot liquids, carbonated beverages or spirits, which may damage rubber components or may not retain carbonation.   For these beverages, use at your own risk.

Siphon starter is included (used to begin wine flow).  Imported from Italy. 

Available in two sizes:

  • 3 Spout Bottle Filler
  • 5 Spout Bottle Filler

The five spout bottle filler is perfect for both small and large scale winemakers. Makes bottling a cinch!

Due to this item`s size, it will ship both insured and oversized. We may call with a shipping adjustment should our system require.

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