Brix Refractometer

Brix Refractometer

SKU: EQP6010

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A Refractometer is an excellent accurate tool used to measure gravity (in Brix) of unfermented wort or must. Allows the brewer to achieve the starting gravity desired. For the wine maker it will help you to determine how much sugar is in fruit and if you need to add any sugar to your wine. This unit has Automatic Temperature Control (ATC) so you don`t have to adjust your readings based on temperature. The refractometer has a range of 0-40 Brix. Dual scale refractometer measures alcohol potential and sugar density of liquids instantly using only drops. Reads in Brix 0-40% and alcohol potential 0-25%. Perfect for the winemaker making wine from fresh fruit. The all grain brewer will also find this quite handy.

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