Crown Cap Breakaway Brewers Wax


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If you are looking to give your bottles that really special appearance, try waxing them!  We searched everywhere and found this really special product made right here in the USA that has a unique feature - it tears clean away from the bottle.  So when you open a crown cap, the wax will easily split right at the cap, leaving a clean wax-free top for pouring.  Beer & Wine Hobby is the only company in the industry to offer it to you!

This wax is made from a unique set of compounds that create a unique, attractive seal on your bottle.  In addition to esthetics, the wax offers a perfect seal to your caps, ensuring the beer remains as pure and oxygen-free as the day you bottled.  Choose from a variety of colors and try different dipping techniques to make the bottles look `uniquely yours`.

In addition, we offer a complete wax kit with warming system and high-temperature sleeves to contain the wax, providing super-easy cleanup and color changes.

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Additional Info

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