Dried Chamomile Flowers

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Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) is a wild-growing annual herb that originated in western Asia and has spread to Europe, North America, and Australia. Chamomile has a robust and pleasant aroma. Historically, beer-based decoctions were often used as folk medicine.

Chamomile (the whole plant) has been used directly in beer together with sea wormwood to achieve a better keeping quality during summertime. Chamomile supposedly increases, if mildly, the intoxicating qualities of fermentation and adds its medicinal qualities to the beer. From a flavor point of view, it gives orange-like floral notes, but can become astringent if over-used.

USE: add 1-4 oz. of chamomile to a 5 gal. batch. Add at 60 min, 10 min, or steep at flameout.

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