Enolmatic Electric Bottle Filler


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The Enolmatic filler with vacuum pump transfers the wine very gently, and fills your bottles to the perfect level every time. The vacuum pump depressurizes the reservoir, which then pulls your wine through the filler tube and into the bottles. The wine never touches the pump. It is very gentle, consistent, and easy to use.  The vacuum`s purpose is to evacuate most of the oxygen from your bottle. 

Wine can draw from up to 13 feet below the Enolmatic, so you don`t have to move your wine above the filler!

The Enolmatic creates a vacuum that sucks the wine directly from your fermenter, storage tank, or barrel, which can be located up to 13 feet below the Enolmatic. No need to start a siphon or to have to pump or move your wine above your filling machine.


  • Adjustable flow rate from min. 20 seconds per 750mL bottle 
  • One-way wine flow
  • All food-grade materials
  • Overflow container is dishwasher safe
  • Clean by running water through system

System includes:

  • Filling Unit with Overflow Reservoir
  • 5ft. of 1/2"ID Feeder Line
  • Collapsible 1/2" racking cane for intake, helps leave the lees behind

Please note this is a seasonal item.

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Additional Info

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