Blichmann BrewCommander

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The patent-pending BrewCommander is a unique, innovative, high-quality brewhouse controller with ultra-high accuracy, exact precision, and ultimate flexibility. Whether system-integrated or freestanding, the BrewCommander offers automated step mashing, boil timers, and amazing advanced settings. Plus, its available in electric and gas/propane models! Whatever your heating source or brewing setup, the BrewCommander offers precise temperature control with increased accuracy and repeatability.

Key features include:

·        Intuitive touchscreen interface

·        Keypad data entry

·        Advanced temperature control algorithm

·        Automated step mashing (up to 5 steps and 9 profiles)

·        Boil addition timers (up to 7 additions and 9 profiles)

·        Integral pump switch

·        Lab-grade precision thermometer

·        Customizable basic and advanced settings

·        Mash step ramp rate delay

·        HERMS / RIMS offsets

·        Audible alarms

·        Upgradable firmware

·        Switchable between table and wall mounting

·        Modular capabilities that connect multiple units

·        Optional relay module that allows control of a single kettle with up to 5 heating elements all with one controller

·        Optional SparkBox Remote Ignition Module

·        Offered in electric and gas models

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Additional Info

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