Essential Oil Extractor Pro Series II

Essential Oil Extractor Pro Series II

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The Extractor is made from only the finest quality components : stainless steel boiler connector column and condenser. This unit comes complete. This equipment is legal for non- alcohol use only it may require registration. The Pro Series II is a reflux distillation unit incorporating a Patent Pending cooling system and a 2-piece column for the greatest versatility.

The Essential Extractor Pro Series II High Capacity is a reflux distillation unit incorporating the Patent Pending Pro Series cooling system and a 2-piece column for the greatest versatility. By placing the cooling lines near the top of the distillation column reflux is created where it is intended- at the top of the tower. This allows for the most effective use of the column filling by causing the refluxed liquid to flow down through it resulting in a cleaner distillate. Crossing the cooling lines instead of leaving them parallel results in a much more efficient cooling system requiring less cooling water while maintaining effectiveness.

The two piece column allows the top portion of the column to attach directly to the kettle giving you a true Pot Distillation column without having to purchase another column separately.
The unit uses a full length column that is more than 3' long for true reflux operation. This results in a cleaner more pure distillate. We also include either Ceramic Raschig Rings or Copper Mesh column packing.

Complete system includes:

  • Pro Series II Column with Condenser and 2' Tri-Clamp connector
  • 29.5 qt. Kettle with Handles
  • Submersible Water Pump
  • Stainless Steel Chain for kettle cleaning
  • Hose Pack Included
  • (Includes necessary hoses plus chemical tolerant distillate hose E-Z Clamps Brass Hose Fitting Bung Laboratory Thermometer and column filling.

Solid Stainless Steel construction using only dairy quality beverage tubing and high grade custom kettle components. We do not use utility pails for our kettles and use only Type 316L Stainless Steel fittings for our kettles and columns.

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