Lukr Side Pour Baroko Faucet

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If you are looking for a Lukr, you have learned the fine art of pouring a Czech pils!  Options range from little foam to all foam, based on the food course pairing and accentuation of hops. Whether you want to pour a Cochtan, Hladinka, Nadvakrt, nyt or Mlko the Lukr is your faucet!  And if you are new to Lukrs, there are plenty of videos on these pouring techniques.

Check out the Lukr official video on the perferct pour here.

The Lukr is a unique draft faucet perfect for pouring Czech Pilsners, Stouts, ales and Nitrogen-infused beers.  It has a unique side pull action which offers the ability to use the Czech method for pouring Czech Pilsners, like the Pilsner Urquell.

The Baroko features a unique ball design in the pour mechanism.

This all-stainless faucet offers unique features - Foam in the pour is controlled with the stainless side lever, ranging from pure beer to highly frothy, via a micro screen imbedded in the faucet.   The tap is all-stainless and can be used to pour pilsners, stouts, ales and nitrogen-infused beers.


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