Mead (Honey Wine) - with Dry Yeast

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So what exactly is Mead? It is a wine made from honey. Simple as that. Instead of using grapes the mead maker uses Honey! Can you see how this would be something special? It is a wine and it is made from one of the tastiest creations in nature. Mead is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages known to man; most likely because of the simplicity of production and the availability of ingredients.  All meads have at least three components in common; water honey and yeast.  Many fruits spices and other adjuncts have become popular additives which have spawned many variants of traditional mead.

Our mead recipe creates a smooth traditional style mead. Includes 12 lbs of New England`s finest native honey all ingredients dry champagne yeast and instructions.

To successfully complete the kit we recommend Sodium Metabisulfite for sterilization and an Acid Test Kit.

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