Mosti Mondiale - Merlot

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Merlot: A subtle black currant nose with a floral touch and a hint of peppers. A pleasant initial attack due to its mellow tannins and soft finish with remarkable staying power. Refreshingly well balanced robust with a velvety texture. Ruby Red subtle nose of floral touches and hint of gooseberries.Soft lively with long finish. 

Mosti Mondiales 23L (6 gallons) Original AllJuice is a true 100% pasteurized fresh grape must product. Experienced winemakers looking to compliment their skills and patience will become instantly rewarded with the introduction of fresh grape must. With distinctive varieties sourced from all over the world the Original AllJuice will instantly become apart of your cellar. These `ALL JUICE` Kits contain 6 gallons of fresh juice that arrives during the harvest season is flash pasteurized that biologically stabilizes the fresh juice and is immediately packaged under aseptic conditions to insure stability. For the home winemaker this is the pinnacle of wine kits. No other will combine the bouquet body and taste of these wines. You will be able to reap all the benefits that only quality fresh juice can provide.


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