Oak Flavoring Tube Polypropylene for 3 gal Carboy

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Polypropylene Infusion tube for oak cubes and oak chips. Fits standard 3 gallon carboys, larger size available for 5/6 gallon carboys and demijohns. Makes removal of oak chips and cubes effortless. String attached to infusion tube is held in place by stopper in neck of carboy. With the use the Oak Flavoring Tubes oak management becomes very organized and simple. You can also mix chip types and toast levels to yield an endless variety of flavors. The combinations are endless.

To Use the Infusion Tube: Remove the bottom silicone stopper of the tube and fill with oak cubes and/or oak chips. Replace the bottom stopper firmly and carefully lower the Oak Flavoring Tube into the carboy/demijohn.


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Additional Info

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