Prestige Cordial Essence - Absinthe

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Make your own cordials at minimal cost by using your own vodka or brandy. Simple instructions are included.Optional 1 to 2 oz of Finishing Formula or Glycerine will smooth out product faster. Home-made cordials make great gifts! Equipment NOT needed.

Absinthe Essence is made from 22 different herbs and spices. Most widely known are star aniseed and wormwood.
Instructions: Pour 20 ml (65 fl.oz) of absinthe essence and 75 grams (2.5 oz.) of granulated sugar into a 750 ml (US 25 fl. oz.) bottle. Fill 3/4 full with neutral spirits or vodka--40-60% of your choice--and shake the bottle until the sugar has dissolved. Top up the bottle and shake until the contents have fully blended.

Serving suggestion: Shake 2 cl absinthe 2 cl apple brandy and 2 cl orange bitters with ice then strain into a traditional martini cocktail glass. Heat a large ring of orange peel over an open flame until the oil of orange is released then allow the oil to drip into the glass. Garnish with a ring of orange peel for a great show!

Absinthe Orange Essence: Absinthe Orange is a classic Absinthe where orange flavor and orange oil are added to add fruitiness to the herbs. The color is `orange` and the Absinthe louches very easily because there is orange oil in addition to the oils from wormwood aniseed fennel and star aniseed.
Absinthe White: is not colored and is perfectly balanced. It contains all of the classical herbs and louches beatifully.

*NOTE: Absinthe series when combined with Wormwood Schnapps / Besk essence is the pinnacle of Absinthe making. Over 20 different herbs are used to produce the Absinthe essence resulting in a liquor that will rival the traditional Absinthe of long ago. Instructions: Dissolve 75g of sugar in 2 cups of alcohol (70% abv preferred). Add both essences and fill to a total 750ml with alcohol.

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