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Need to heat your Flex during the long winter months? Want to make a Belgian ale with notes of pears, bananas, bubblegum, anise or even rose petals? No fear, Spike has the solution! Each Flex has its own sized heater and the wattage of each is carefully designed to match it. Spike also uses a built-in thermostat, which stops the heater from getting too warm. This means you get a gentle warming action when your beer drops below your desired temperature opposed to rapid heating which can overshoot or `cook` your wort.

Spikes heater attaches to the insulated FLEX jacket via Velcro. It is positioned near the bottom cone section of the fermenter where the coldest liquid is. This will give the most even temperature throughout your fermenter (happy yeast!).

Technical Features 

·         Built in 95F thermostat to prevent the heater from overheating your wort 

·         80 watts of power 

·         Durable silicone construction 

·         5` long cord


Note: Spike heaters were designed to keep the wort within normal fermentation temperatures. Yeast strains (like Kveik) that require higher temperatures (90F+) may require an additional heat source.


Pro Tip: If youre looking to ferment with Kveik yeast, we recommend taping the heater to the cone as it`ll help aid in heat transfer and provide for high fermentation temps.

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Additional Info

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